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I have released a new version. It can now do lots of new important stuff.


1. Xplore you phones internal and external filesystem.

2. Create new directory, cut, copy, paste, delete, rename and fix permissions of any file anywhere on your phone.

3. Open files supported by your phone with default or app of your choice.

4. Share files with people. Now you can mail any file on your phone as and attachment unlike the default Gmail app where you can only attach images

5. Get list of running apps and stop them if you want.

6. Run any available Linux command on phone.

7. Reboot phone.

Get it here

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my android apps

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Android
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I started android about five months back you can find my apps here
Get it on Google Play

these are things that I created trying to learn Android and and somethings I needed.

I’ll also post my android mods and hacks in my next post.