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Some time back I developed a tool for a friend to monitor Jboss cluster state and send alert mails when there’s a change in cluster view. I am sharing it because someone might find it useful and they can add some more functionality to it. If you do please let me know.

You can deploy it as a windows service and if you need to change anything, you only need to change parameters in configuration file… run update script and you are done.

Here are the details and usage Guide

1. What It Does?

Monitor jboss clusters at an interval of 1 min (this can be changed) and send mail alerts if cluster view changes i.e. some nodes not responding, nodes getting removed from cluster or new node getting added.

It will keep sending the alerts untill the problem is resolved or service is stopped.

2. How to install service?


3. How to uninstall service?


4. How to start,stop service?

JbossClusterMonitorStart.bat and JbossClusterMonitorStop.bat respectively or from command prompt
NET STOP JbossClusterMonitor and NET START JbossClusterMonitor

5. How to change service name?

Open wrapper.conf and replace all occurrence of JbossClusterMonitor with name you want. Also replace same in start/stop scripts. Change script names.

6. Steps to change anything related to mail sending like smtp ip/port, to and from address, add/remove cluster/nodes to monitor or monitoring interval.

a. Stop service.
b. Edit “/conf/” file to change the required setting.
c. Run updateJar.bat
d. Start service.

You need to set all the parameters in “/conf/” file before the first use and make sure you have JAVA_HOME and JBOSS_HOME set.

You can download it from here



Added some new features like on screen threaddumps, cpu utilization etc. and some bug fixes.



I did some changes in console working and added a few new things. Here’s the list.

1. Now it will auto detect the server and host details on which the app is deployed. No need to create config file and add details manually.

2. You can now Update mbeans and invoke mbean operations from the console.

3. Add the mbeans you want to the mbeans page list for quick reference.

You can download the updated files starting from 28th Nov.

I will add monitoring and alert functionality in future updates.



This is the first BossConsole (version 1.0.Final) tutorial video. I have tried to show most of the features and working of the console.

Watch it to know what this app can do and how it can help make use of Jboss easier for you.

Do post your questions and comments and ideas about features you would like to see in future versions.

You can download the source and app from